Past Event, Pantheon Talent and Aqua Talent Showcase Past Event

 Agent Workshop   See both at the same time for Half Price!

 Ryan Olson of Pantheon Talent Theatrical Agent!

Pantheon Talent is one of the industry’s leading talent agencies with divisions in commercial, theatrical, print! Check IMDB for more Details!

Courtney Peldon of Aqua Talent Theatrical Agent

Check IMDB for more Details!

Courtney also comes from an Acting Background! 

Aqua Talent Agency was formed in 2004 and is one of the premiere talent agencies in Los Angeles.  They specialize in commercial, theatrical, print,

This is a ONE on ONE educational workshop with question and answers and Feedback so you can gain valuable insight from Industry Professionals. 

Bring a prepared scene!

Enough time for your scene, redirection if needed and feedback with question and answers along with an Evaluation Sheet(Determined by Guest).

Disclaimer: Workshops/Showcases are NOT job interviews. The presence of an industry professional is in no way a promise of employment. Actors Artistry DOES NOT attempt to procure employment for actors/artists-we are strictly for educational purposes.  Such contact as you may have with a casting director or industry Professional at a workshop rarely results in any further contact with that casting director or any industry professional or any company affiliated with that casting director or professional.