August 15, 2016- August Kammer Theatrical Agent, Talentworks

Monday August 15, 2016 starts at 7:30 pm, 

Email if you are interested in attending this. Wait List, include phone number!


Bring a Scene or Monologue no longer than 2 minutes

1) August Kammer  Theatrical Agent , TalentWorksClick Name For IMDB PRO Info


*Bring your own Prepared Scene no longer than 2 Minutes! Time your scene or Monologue before you arrive. SIDES SUGGESTIONS

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**Registration is Free, when you bring a Food Donation for Charity to your first workshop of the year.


Our Format  read below:

Bring a Scene or Monologue NO longer than 2 minutes (time limit is enforced please time your scene or monologue before you bring it in). Bring a copy of materials with you, even if  it’s a monologue. highlight your scene before arriving. Have headshots stapled and trimmed.

                                                                     All ages email us in advance if under 18

Intensive Q&A session with the Guests
Scene(you choose in advance) or Monologue
Reader is provided, or paid partner

  •  Always bring a copy of your scene or monologue and enough headshots for all the guests. Once you’re selected and are assigned (order is determined by order of payment) you will have several minutes beforehand to rehearse with your reader. Your material must not be over 2 minutes!
  • You will do your scene work in front of only the guests attending and the reader provided while the other Actors wait outside the room (this provides less stress to actors, not having a group of actors watching you and makes our guest’s focus on only you). Agents will also fill out a numbered evaluation sheet rating their opinion/feedback of your scene work and headshot. (Determined by guests attending.)
  • We will then come back together at the end of the event. The whole class will rejoin for an Educational Q&A with the industry guests which is very informative. The Question and Answer is  great way to gain valuable insight along with having your questions answered by Top Professionals and learn what they are looking for in resumes, reels, advice on navigating the business.
  • *Bring your own Prepared Scene no longer than 2 Minutes! Time your Scene or Monologue before you bring it in! SIDES SUGGESTIONS
  • Plus Free additional Feedback/Coaching  (click for details)

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Due to scheduling and unforeseen circumstances, if an agent/manager cannot attend we reserve the right to try and replace them with a comparable agent or manager. If an agent or manager Cancels last minute and we don’t have the ability to replace them, we will reschedule the canceled guest or comparable replacement for another date for you.

The following disclaimer is provided in accordance with SAG/AFTRA: “This seminar or class is for educational purposes only (as are all paid classes/ workshops/showcases in the State of California) and will not secure or provide opportunity for employment in the field or representation by an agent.”