Past Event, Allen Hooper Casting Director Workshop, Associate with Great Office

Actors Artistry Casting Director Workshops

Sun. Jan. 26, 2014 at 10 am, $39 

Prepared Scenes and 1 on 1

“Workshop with casting associate Allen Hooper. Allen has worked in casting for the last 9 years, primarily on 1/2 hour TV comedies, both single and 4-camera. Further details can be found at IMDB.  Actors should either pick their sides (one-on-one material) from those available at his web-site, or they can bring their own Comedy material that follows our  SIDES GUIDELINES, you can follow Allen on twitter @allen_hooper

One on One Teaching Enough time for your scene, redirection  and feedback with question and answers VERBAL FEEDBACK ONLY!

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This workshop is a learning experience. It is not an audition or an employment opportunity. When the workshop is over, the casting director/casting associate/casting assistant (whichever is applicable) teaching this workshop will not be taking home nor be given access to your headshot, resume, or any other of your promotional materials. AGAIN: Workshops/classes/events are NOT job interviews. The presence of an industry professional is in no way a promise of employment. Actor’s Artistry does NOT attempt to procure employments for actors/artists – our events/classes/seminars are strictly for educational purposes. Please visit to view the CSA’s guidelines for their members for educational workshops.