Past Event – Kendra Castleberry Head Casting Director with Donna Rosenstein, Casting Director Workshop

Actors Artistry Casting Director Workshops 

Disclaimer: Workshops/Classes/Showcases are NOT Auditions/job interviews .  The presence of an industry professional is in no way a promise of employment. Actors Artistry does NOT attempt to procure employment for actors/artists-we are strictly for educational purposes.


Thursday March 5, 2015 at 730 pm $38

  1 on 1 , Choosing from SIDES BELOW ONLY, or sides she uses at other workshops, email us for approval if they are not listed here!

 ** IMPORTANT FORMAT DEPARTURE: Kendra will only be giving feedback and questions, and you must choose from her sides  posted on this page below or from her workshop sides she uses at other places.  DO NOT try to bring in your own,  No credits will be issued if you fail to bring in sides posted below! Allow yourself time to choose from the sides below!

Past experience includes  Happy Town,  LIFE ON MARS, the MOW Flirting With Forty, the pilot for the Jeffrey Tambor/Catherine O’Hara show Good Behavior,  the series October Road, The OC. Check IMDB For recent Credits!


One on One Teaching Enough time for your scene, redirection if needed  and feedback with question and answers.


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 SIDES TO CHOOSE FROM BELOW, or Sides she uses at other workshops only, email us for approval:

 lerner CastleTylerDani , Necessary Roughness ,

 Castle BeckettAlbertCastle WalkerNecessaryRoughnes Angela,

Matadors Mitch Alex , LIFEONMARS Sam


CastleBIlly ,CastlePIPER, CastleFoster, CastleRyan ,

CastleBECKBOB, CastleBridget, CastleCandice, CastleCarrie

NecessaryRouchnessCash, CastleCaptGates ,CastleGabriel ,CastleHunt

CastleGarrison, CastleCampbell ,CastleThug ,CastleMarie ,

CastleMerideth, CastleSamantha, CastleSamuel ,CastleSenator, CastleTiffany

CastleTyrese, CastleVIncent, CastleAlexis, CastleCHiefBrady, CastleChief

castlebeckettmadison, castledimes ,castlemitchellcastle, castlepete

castlepowell EVERWOOD everwoodephram everwoodlindadr.brown

gonzonecessaryroughness    happytownandrewgeorgia


happytownmerritt      lifeonmars2      MatadorGabrieljuliana       matadors3

NecessaryRouchnessnicomatt      NecessaryRoughnessnicopittman

NecessaryRoughnes3      NecessaryRoughnes5   


NecessaryRoughnesglenn        NecessaryRoughnesjuliette

NecessaryRoughnessorsondani       NecessaryRoughnespttmandani

NecessaryRoughnesrayolivia       NecessaryRoughness4   


NecessaryRoughness7       NecessaryRoughness8      NecessaryRoughness10

NecessaryRoughness11       NecessaryRoughness13     NecessaryRoughness15

NecessaryRoughnessgunner       NecessaryRoughnessrayolivia

NecessaryRoughnestknoelle   octoberroad3    octoberroadjanethannah

theo.c.juliekirsten        tkjimmynecessaryroughness

TylerDani Necessary Roughness