Next Date TBA, Special Guest Risa Bramon Garcia Casting Director Workshop Head CD and Casting Legend!

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 Thursday May 21, 2015 at 7 pm!! Email us if interested button, No Credits or Discounts can be used this is a Special Guest Workshop! *** Email your REEL and Resume to for Consideration!



Do not ask to sign up if you are not going to make yourself completely free and available. 

Very Small Class Size, sign up early or you won’t get in.  This will start in a group with Risa introducing herself and a Group Q and A,  and then will be One on One. ONLY for EXPERIENCED ACTORS and bring in a 2 Minute SCENE THAT HAS DEPTH!

Risa is a HEAD CASTING DIRECTOR who has cast some of the most renowned television series and films of all time.  You can see her previous experience here:


Risa has cast over 65 feature films including Desperately Seeking Susan, Wall Street, Something Wild, Angel Heart, Fatal Attraction, Born on the Fourth of July, Talk Radio, JFK, Sneakers, The Joy Luck Club, True Romance, Speed, How To Make An American Quilt, Dead Presidents, Twister, Benny and Joon, and Flirting With Disaster.

She has cast numerous television shows and pilots, including Roseanne, CSI:NY, The Cape, A Gifted Man Rewind for Syfy…..

In her long and successful collaboration with Oliver Stone, Risa served as a Producer on Heaven and Earth and Natural Born Killers, movies she also cast.

Risa started casting in the NY Theatre, working for over 10 years at the Ensemble Studio Theatre as a casting director, producer and director. From her expertise in this arena she and her partner, Billy Hopkins, took their first step into feature film casting with Desperately Seeking Susan. They made an instant name for themselves as the team who tapped the hottest up and coming talent. They worked together for several years casting such classics as Something Wild, Angel Heart, Fatal Attraction, At Close Range and True Romance. They worked closely with Oliver Stone on numerous films, including Wall Street, Born on the Fourth of July, Talk Radio, JFK, The Doors, Heaven and Earth, and Natural Born Killers.

One on One Teaching

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