Past Event, 5 Manager Showcase part of our 5 Agent Showcases

5  Manager Showcase Theatrical Managers part of our 5 Agent Showcase

As always an Excellent Group of Managers this month, with experience with Clients ranging from Stars, Series Regulars and Developmental.

Thursday October 30, starts at 7:30 pm , with assigned arrival times


Scene, Monologue, or Partner!(Both must pay) Readers are provided

IMDB Pro for more Info!

1) Generate Laura Gibson, Theatrical Manager

– A Top Management Company with Leads In Films, Series Regulars…

2)  Stein Entertainment, TJ Stein, Theatrical Manager and Owner

– TJ is a Veteran Manager who has  clients including series regulars  and Major roles in Films. They now have a New York Office as well.


3) Luber Roklin Entertainment, Katie Mason,  Theatrical Manager

– This is a well respected and great Management Company with many Clients including Series Regulars and Leads In Films and developmental


 4) The Green Room, Alex Czuleger, Theatrical Manager

–  This is a New Management Company with list of Clients of all types including  Series Regulars. Alex was previously at Open Entertainment before Founding the Green Room.


 5) Richard Kerner and Associates, Richard Kerner, Theatrical Manager and Owner

-This Company and manager has experience with a broad range of clients working in Film and Television! Richard has been a Manager for over 10 years



Our Format  read below:

Bring a Scene or Monologue no longer than 2 minutes

You will perform your scene work One on One with all the Managers in the room with you as well as the reader provided. A group Q and A will take place at the end of the workshop with question and answers which you are welcome to stay for, a great way to gain valuable insight from Professionals!

Managers will also fill out a numbered evaluation sheet rating their opinion of your scene work.

*Bring your own Prepared Scene no longer than 2 Minutes! Time your Scene or Monologue before you bring it in!

*By Paying Below you agree you have read the the POLICIES AND MEMBERSHIP CONTRACT PAGE, this confirms you understand our policies

**SIGN MEMBERSHIP CONTRACT HERE  (New 2014 Membership, all previous members must resign too for 2014) Do Not Pay without Filling this out First if you haven’t.

Price raises as it fills up! Price may change at anytime!

“This seminar or class is for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide opportunity for employment in the field or representation by and agent.”

Your Member Folder Link will be sent to the Address you paid with Paypal. Please look for this Email if you don’t receive your TIME Confirmation within a couple days EMAIL US!! If the workshop is the next or same day you will receive your link promptly.

*****Rescheduling Policy, on the Membership Policies Page Link Above

Due to Scheduling and unforeseen circumstances, if an Agent/Manager cannot attend we reserve the right to try and replace them with another agent or manager. If an Agent or Manager Cancels Last Minute and we don’t have the ability to replace them, We will reschedule them or a replacement for another date.