Free- Additional Feedback Class

Anyone who is signed up for a past or future showcase/class/intensive is invited to join our free additional Feedback Class Session Intensive when posted. You may attend up to 30 days before or after the event you signed up for when available on the calendar.  You will receive additional in-depth feedback from our staff who have all studied with well respected acting teachers in Los Angeles and other parts of the country. We will work more in-depth on pieces of your scene. For example, finding missed moments, or making choices that are specific and realistic. This is designed as a valuable piece of the showcase/class/intensive offered.

This is highly recommended to attend and to get additional feedback or just more additional personalized in-depth attention/opinions on your scene work. 

This may be One on One or in a small group class.

We understand circumstances can happen, but please only request to attend this free feedback class/intensive if you are sure you will be available. The feedback class sessions are held at 12501 North Chandler #203, 91607 in North Hollywood!