Policies and Membership Contract 2017, copy


The first step to signing up with an Event with us: Anyone signing up for a workshop that is after Jan. 1st 2017, must Fill Out the Membership here for the 2017 year. All previous members must resign for the current 2017 year too.

(This form may not work with Firefox or some mobile browsers) If you cannot see this form email us or VIEW the  Direct Link to form , ActorsArtistry@gmail.com. A hard copy (click link)version can be read here if you’re having trouble viewing.

*There is a grey scroll bar to the Right of the Membership Box, use this to Scroll through the Membership Form

ONLY USE THIS PAYPAL BUTTON TO PURCHASE THE MEMBERSHIP IF YOU DON’T WISH TO MAKE A FOOD DONATION! You Must Fill out the Form above and receive a confirmation page as well.