Januray 30, 2017 – Jeff Witjas Theatrical Agent at APA! Top Guest Seminar Top-Tier Agency


Bring a Scene or Monologue no longer than 2 minutes! Reader is provided. 

Our guest is Jeff Witjas! Jeff has been in the business for 40 years! He has spent more than three decades as an Agent for both the William Morris Agency and is now currently Senior Vice President of Talent at APA-Agency for the Performing Arts. He brings you rare insight from a very top agent’s perspective! 

This is an exclusive at Actor’s Artistry only! 

“I enjoyed hearing your insight on how to successfully navigate the business.” – Constance, LA Actress

“I wanted to thank you for sharing your words of wisdom last night-I was very moved and motivated.” – Chriselle, LA Actress

1423178960_imdb Jeff Witjas

Monday January 30, 2017 at 7 pm. Please be available 7 pm to 10 pm


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Our Format  read below:

Bring a Scene or Monologue NO longer than 2 minutes (time limit is enforced please time your scene or monologue before you bring it in). Bring a copy of materials with you, even if  it’s a monologue. highlight your scene before arriving. Have headshots stapled and trimmed.


  • You will do your scene work in front of only the guest attending and the reader provided while the other Actors wait outside the room (this provides less stress to actors, not having a group of actors watching you).  Jeff will also fill out a numbered evaluation sheet rating his opinion of your scene work and headshot.
  • Group Seminar Includes:
  • The inner workings of the Machine. How the process works from his level. From the release of a Breakdown to pitching clients for auditions/offers.
  • Advice to actors on knowing what they are right for and how to SELL themselves(picking scenes, choosing reel material, headshots).
  • Jeff’s selling tactics for clients when approaching Casting Directors and Producers.
  • Group Question and Answer with Jeff who brings you experience and insight from a top level agent currently in the business! 

**Plus Free additional Feedback/Coaching  (click for details)

The following Disclaimer is provided in accordance with SAG/AFTRA: This Class is for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide opportunity for employment in the field or representation by an agent!