YOU CAN FIND SIDES YOURSELF ON THE WEB, from T.V. and Film Scripts, and  Plays. SIDES must have been Aired or are never going to AIR. No Monologues(Except for Agent/Manager Events).

Additional Sides Websites:       COMMERCIAL COPY ,

YOU MAY NOT USE ANY SIDES FROM A T.V. SHOW or FILM that a CASTING DIRECTOR is currently Casting..FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS RULE will result in immediate termination from Actors Artistry!!! 

This is your chance to find sides that speak to you, rather than throwing up a bunch of sides for you to choose from, we recommend you take the time to find something you really want to do.  If that means watching a Film or T.V. show and typing out the scene, then that’s what you do. There are many places on the web where you can find sides. 

Material must be no more than 2 minutes which is about 2 pages depending on the material! This will give you more time in the room for Feedback and Redirection if needed. Please time your material beforehand as if you were reading with a Reader.


Sides will be approved before you go into the room, so be sure it follows our rules, NOTHING THAT HASN’T AIRED yet(a pilot from two years ago is fine) and nothing the guest is currently working on. If you’re not sure please Email your sides to us to be approved in advance.